I am delighted to have written Janet Millett for Wikipedia. This is accessible here at Janet Millett –

As a member of The York Society (Inc.) in Western Australia I wish to extend my thanks and appreciation
to its President, Mr Rob Garton Smith, for suggesting I have a go at writing this Wiki article. With Rob’s
invaluable support, hints and tips it is great to see Janet’s article is now available to share with everyone.

I am pleased I accepted Rob’s invitation for I wanted to do something for Janet and the people of York in
2021 knowing that we were fast approaching the 200 th anniversary of Janet’s birth on the 17 th July. In
addition, January 2022 will mark the 150 th anniversary of the publication of her book, An Australian
Parsonage. Hopefully there will be opportunities to promote Janet’s wonderful legacy in 2021 and 2022.