The story of this young bloke requires perusal
A brave young man from York –  James Ross Duperouzel

Born of convict stock and raised on the land
No one could have known what, for James Ross, God had planned

Young life was kind to James – schooling and learning to farm
until a single shot in Europe was a pre-cursor to his harm

World War 1 had started – the Great War it was called
how any war could be called Great leaves one appalled

Along with thousands of others – James Ross – volunteering
thought he would be home in a year in time for seeding

Departing from Fremantle he arrived in Egypt on 25 April 1916
He thought a great adventure awaited – he was only 18

On to France after 10 weeks training ,the boys of the 51st
were soon involved in battles in which they were completely immersed.

The battle for Mouquet Farm was warfare with no gain
with 5000 young Aussies dying in a 4 week campaign

We cannot comprehend how these brave young men felt
but our freedom is very much a result

of their bravery and commitment to King and Country
and they now lie “Somewhere in France” as their destiny.

Lauder CoomberGreat Nephew of James
Villers BretennouxAnzac Day 2016

Poem ‘Somewhere in France’ being recited by Lauder Coomber, Chavasse Farm, 22 April 2016