The Duper Mob pilgrimage was the brainchild of Bill and Janet
and, to everyone’s delight, it worked out as they had planned it

We gathered to remember James Ross Duper
whose death on the Western Front in 1916 left us to wonder
how he spent his final days until the battle for Mouquet Farm
meant that he faced his God and came to his ultimate harm

His loss, when known in York, reduced family and friends to tears
and caused his dear mother to mourn him for years.

The Mob walked in his footsteps through the battlefields
and sadly learned of the great price when no one yields
but faces the enemy with gunfire and steel.
We could have no idea how they would feel.

We remember with sorrow and pride Anzac Day at Villers Bretennoux
with floral tributes from family members
to remind us that, in his duty, James did not err
and that his sacrifice will be forever remembered.

The Duper Mob, joined by kin and by blood,
paid homage to James who lies in the mud
Somewhere in France

Lauder Coomber, Great Nephew of James
Post Anzac Day 2016, At Villers Bretennoux