Private Jim Ross DuperouzelYou may recall I submitted my DNA samples, together with a copy of the Duperouzel Family Tree, to the Australian Army – Unrecovered War Casualties (UWC), Department of Defence, Canberra, Australia, in July 2016. I did so on behalf of the family should the UWC be able to match my DNA with any unidentified Australian AIF human remains discovered in the vicinity of Mouquet Farm / Pozières on the Somme, France. I have just received a response from the UWC, it reads:

UNCLASSIFIED – “Hello William, Thanks for your patience with this matter. I have now received the advice from the Forensic Biologist and they have compared your profile with that of the profiles obtained from the remains recovered. Their expert opinion has excluded the remains from being 4783 Pte J.R Duperouzel. Your profile will be retained on record and may be compared with any future remains located in that region (Pozières / Mouquet Farm). Thanks for your willingness to assist the investigation. Kind regards, A. COOPER, Investigations Case Manager – Europe, UWC – Australian Army, Department of Defence, Canberra, Australia”.