7 August: Remembering my Aunty, Sister Mary Frances – Eileen HEVRON – who passed away in Kalamunda, Western Australia on this day in 1981, aged 82 years.

She was the granddaughter of Catherine and Denis Hevron who arrived in Western Australia from Dublin, Ireland in the 1840s. Her parents, Denis William Hevron and Agnes Devitt, lived in North Fremantle where their five children were born at 20 Thompson Road: Mary Delores, 1894: Eileen Mary, 1899; Agnes Mary, my mother known as Mary, 1902; Denis William, 1905 and Margaret Mary, 1908, who sadly only lived a few hours. The family later settled at 177 Canning Road, East Fremantle, now known as Canning Highway.

At the age of 22 years my Aunty entered the Congregation of St. Joseph of the Apparition, Fremantle in 1921. This Catholic Order of Nuns, founded by Saint Emilie de Vialar, was established in Western Australia when the first four Sisters of the Congregation arrived from France in 1855. She received her First Profession of the Congregation in December 1923 and her Final Profession in December 1929 when she became known as Sister Mary Frances.

I have fond memories of my Aunty when I was growing up and am very grateful for her encouragement and spiritual guidance, especially when I was attending Christian Brothers College, Fremantle and after I lost both my parents when I was aged 15 and 17 years.

In December 1973 Janet and I had the privilege to be part of a large gathering of Hevron and Duperouzel relatives and friends to celebrate her Golden Jubilee of the Profession. This happy occasion was held at St. Emilie’s Convalescent Home, Kalamunda. So many memories to treasure.

Thank you Aunty Frances.

“Divine Providence foresees our needs and watches over us always”

St. Emilie de Vialar, Foundress of the Sisters of St. Joseph of the apparition. A Missionary Congregation