I would like to take this opportunity to re-dedicate my book to my darling wife, Janet. I am eternally grateful for her immeasurable contribution which enabled me to fulfil my dream. I am in no doubt this book would never have been written without her. I also wish to thank my daughters Adèle and Suzanne for their patience, particularly during our many visits to France and other locations to research numerous archives and old cemeteries!

Our French pioneering ancestor, Aimable Ciril Dupérouzel, who settled in York, Western Australia from 1858, had his names misspelt numerous times in the archives, let alone mispronounced by the locals in York. His first names on his death certificate are recorded as Amiable Sorriel and inscribed as Amiable Sierl on his headstone in the York Cemetery. Similarly, his age shows on his headstone as Aged 74 years although his actual age was 70 years. Thankfully his surname, Dupérouzel, although it lost its acute accent on the é, otherwise remained unchanged. His grave and that of his Irish wife, Julia Neagle, features as no.16 on the York Cemetery Historical Walk Trail.

We are very fortunate to have such an interesting French surname with a wonderful worldwide family of Duperouzel’s and Duperrouzel’s living in France, Channel Islands, England, Australia, Hong Kong, Canada, USA and Jamaica whose origin can be traced back to late 16th century France. Janet and I are delighted to also know French families who carry the names Pérouzel and Pérousel. The people we have met in different countries during our journey to discover my family roots has resulted in friendships and happy memories to treasure for a life time.

Proud to be a Duper!

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