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‘PETROSELLUM’ A Global History of the Families Dupérouzel / Duperrouzel’ + 7 family trees are accessible on this web site together with the tribute to my Uncle Jim, ‘SOMEWHERE IN FRANCE’. Also included are photos and videos of the 2016 Duperouzel family pilgrimage to France.

Somewhere in France

Somewhere in France BookSomewhere in France is written as a tribute by the author to his Uncle Jim, 4783 Private James Ross Duperouzel, from York, Western Australia.

At the age of eighteen Jim Duperouzel enlisted in the Australian Imperial Force (AIF) in December 1915. Within days of his 19th birthday Pte. Duperouzel was one of ninety nine AIF servicemen of the 51st Battalion who were killed in action during the advance on Mouquet Farm, near Pozières, France, on 14/16 August 1916. Of the ninety nine servicemen who died only twenty two have an identified grave. Pte. Duperouzel is one of the seventy seven 51st Battalion servicemen who have no known grave.

What started as a quest to discover where ‘in the field’ his Uncle Jim went ‘missing’ the author soon extended the scope of his research in an attempt to also  identify, if possible, the probability of where his Uncle’s remains may lie as an ‘unknown soldier’. The result of this research is now in book form for the benefit of the family today and for future generations knowing that very few members of the extended family are likely to make the pilgrimage from Australia to the Battlefields of the Somme.

Private Jim Ross Duperouzel

DNA Results

You may recall I submitted my DNA samples, together with a copy of the Duperouzel Family Tree, to the Australian Army – Unrecovered War Casualties (UWC), Department of Defence, Canberra, Australia, in July 2016. I did so on behalf of the family should the UWC be...
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Anzac Heroes Armistice Day 11.11.18


Uncle Jim, 4783 Private James Ross Duperouzel, 51st Bn. Australian Imperial Force from York, Western Australia. Killed-in-Action at Mouquet Farm, Somme, France, on 14/16 August 1916. Still ‘missing’ with no known grave…somewhere in France, but Not...
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Villages aim to honour AIF dead 21 October 2016 – The West Australian Newspaper

Article from the West Australian Newspaper, 21 October...
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DNA Test

I thought my extended Duperouzel family would be interested to know that I carried out a DNA test and submitted the kit, together with a copy of the Duperouzel family tree, to the Unrecovered War Casualties – Army, Department of Defence, in Canberra, in July...
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Somewhere in France Book

Western Front Association – BOOK REVIEW

Western Front Association – BOOK REVIEW, WFA magazine STAND TO! – 2016 AUSTRALIAN DETAIL Author: William Thomas DUPEROUZEL ‘SOMEWHERE IN FRANCE – The Story of 4783 Private James Ross Duperouzel, 51st Battalion Australian Imperial Force’ Privately...
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The Duperouzel Family Pilgrimage to France April 2016 at the AIF Memorial, Mouquet Farm, on the Somme

Photo Gallery from the Pilgrimage to France

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